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The PAPALEO company conducts the activities for modernization of miner electric locomotives with the beginning of the millennium. The first electric locomotives just were exposed to a major repair. They were recovered, painted, replaced the damaged nodes and sent back.

In an effect, it has been decided to try to install a frequency control system on IGBT transistors of the third-party producer. Already the first prototype has shown quite good results and for the company the new era — an era of the adjustable electric drive has begun.

However, purchased the drive could not please with high reliability and, has been decided to refuse cooperation with the third-party producer. Leading experts in the field of circuit engineering, programming and designing of drives have been involved in new development. So, in 2008 the first prototype of the self-produced electric drive has appeared. After tests in the conditions of a haulage the set of electric equipment has been modernized and, (2016) now, is successfully operated at the different mining enterprises.

Today the PAPALEO company is the largest producer of the adjustable electric drive for miner electric locomotives. The structural division on the Kirov mine of JSC APATIT allowing not only to support in working order park of electric locomotives, but also to carry out research work is a part of the company.

Now, the PAPALEO company, it is realized by several hundred units of production, several tens pieces of equipment are modernized, the set of successful projects is developed. A few years ago, together with Aleksandrovsky Engineering Plant (Aleksandrovsk), the project on delivery of two miner electric locomotives to the Republic of Macedonia on “the Mine SASA DOO MAKEDONSKA Kamenitsa” is realized.

In 2016 work with Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company is begun. On Severonikel combine, several welding IS1-15-2 inverters are put.


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