The enormous part of the largest deposits of iron ore in the world — the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA) is located in the Belgorod region. One of mines in the territory of the area — the Yakovlevsky mine. Though it has also been open in the early fifties last century, active extraction of ore has begun only in two-thousand years. It is connected with close geological conditions of a bedding of ores. In the Soviet years have refused ideas of development of the mine because of complexity of withdrawal of subsoil waters. But the high content of iron in ore, did this mine very profitable, and at the beginning of two-thousand years the Yakovlevsky mine has begun works on ore extraction.


Heavy electric locomotives weighing 20 tons are generally involved in a haulage. But also light electric locomotives like K-10, and also disel locomotives meet.

In 2010 the management of the Yakovlevsky mine has set the task of re-equipment of two operating heavy electric locomotives of production of Slovenia. The situation was complicated by the fact that for the period of re-equipment, one of the reequipped electric locomotives needed to stop a haulage — that was equivalent to decrease in volume of extraction of ore almost by 30%. Therefore it has been decided to carry out modernization in the territory of elektrovozny depot of the mine. The equipment before mounting has been mounted on frames and together with mounting kit is shipped to the address of the buyer.

Works on re-equipment and commissioning of the first electric locomotive have been finished in five days. In addition the electric locomotive has been equipped with the Russia’s first system of remote control.

Machinists and guidance Yakovlev Mine appreciated the new dynamic and traction features of the new drive at the previous traction motors , as well as a system of remote loading . Soon, he was converted and a second locomotive , and a few years later the mine park added another heavy electric locomotive , this time the production of the Russian companies ZUMK -Trade (Perm) .


From the first days from specialists of division of the PCS of the enterprise participating in modernization the special division for repair and technical maintenance of electric locomotives has been created, and it also purchased the set of spare parts so operation of electric locomotives is practically not interrupted to this day (is bought).

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